Exercise: weights, treadmill intervals – 3km

Yesterday was a rest day! That’s all I am going to say!

As hubby had to go into work for a last minute meeting this morning I am home looking after Alana.

This meant I still had to get out of bed early as hubby had to leave by 8am

The gym was nearly empty apart from people doing a pump class and I had the whole weights area to myself! I also had a choice of a dozen treadmills to choose from! I know all this will change once school goes back so I should make the most of it while I can!

I have bought some new trail shoes. I realised the other day that my current trail shoes are more than 2 years old and probably almost at the end of their life, although they are the most comfortable shoes I own. I hope the new ones are the same!

As I am typing this on my phone I hope the photo uploads ok!