Exercise: 9.9km Walk – Work to Home (10’s)

It was a very warm and sweaty walk home from work tonight!

Yesterday was classed as a rest day! I had every intention of going to the gym in the morning but Alana had a friend over for a sleepover and they slept in the lounge room which is close to the bedroom. I’m sure they were going to do an all nighter as they woke me up at midnight and when I went out to see what they were doing, I was told they were just going to watch one more DVD!!! Oh no, no, no!!!! Unfortunately they then decided to chat, which I could hear through my door, so by the time that the alarm went off, I was in no state to get out of bed 🙄

So instead I took all my gear into work and walked home. Yes it was a bit warm, but not too bad. I did have to drink about a litre of water when I got home though!

Here are a few photos of my walk home!