Exercise: 37km Walk – Warby Trail (Supanovas)

So 3 of the team met up this morning for a walk along the Warby Trail. Unfortunately Berny is still not able to do any walks, so it was just Sara, TW Michelle and myself who met up in Mt Evelyn at a a very early time of 6.30am!

Weather was good although my rain jacket was never too far away….just in case!!

There was hardly anybody on the trail, which I found really surprising, although as it got later in the morning there were a few bikes around.

We stopped at Woori Yallock for some food and a loo break, then continued on our way. It was only when I looked at the Garmin and saw that we’d done 19km that I suddenly realised we still had to do another 19km to get back to the car. Now I hadn’t actually talked to the girls about distance, just time, as both the girls had time restraints due to work and previous engagements, but as we were making such great progress I hadn’t really thought about how far we’d actually walked 😯

The weather was still on our side, and it wasn’t until we were about an hour before we finished that the rain finally arrived, lightly at first and gradually getting heavier! My jacket was my lifesaver. The best $50 I have spent 😀

With about 3km to go both my hips were starting to get pretty sore and I was getting slower and slower. It was a very welcome relief to see the gate at the top of the hill, which is where the cars were parked!

It was fantastic to finally catch up with Sara, who hasn’t been able to join us in any walks before now. I’m also happy that I had no problems with my feet. No hot spots or blisters and they didn’t even feel sore when I’d finished 😀

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