Exercise: Karate

The class tonight was alot more intense and I felt quite faint after a full on session of punching and kicking 😯

No exercise at all over the weekend due to being really busy. Hubby worked Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night, I took Alana to Netball on Saturday morning, then we went over to Knox City to find some shoes for Alana’s graduation. I was a bit worried that we weren’t going to find a car park and that it would be manic with people, but surprisingly it was easy to find a park and the place wasn’t too packed either.

And as an added bonus we found a great pair of shoes in the first shop we walked into 😀

Once back home there was lots of house cleaning to do in anticipation (or dread!!) of Alana’s birthday party the next day. Eight 12 year old girls would be descending on the house! Hubby thought it would be better for him to stay at work and sleep there, rather than coming home and being woken up by lots of screaming, shouting and giggling girls!

Alana assures me it was a great party and all the girls had a wonderful time. She had a Beauty party where 3 Beauticians came over and gave all the girls makeovers with new hairstyles, makeup, nails and temporary tattoos! Then there was Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs, Musical Statues and Singstar!

I only needed one bottle of champagne to help get me through the afternoon and it was a welcome relief to see the parents arrive to take their kids home 😀

Okay I’d better head to bed soon as I’m meeting TW Michelle for an early morning walk!