Exercise: Karate

Okay so the plan hasn’t started yet!! It officially starts next week as the rest of this week and the weekend are very full and I will not be able to do any kind of exercise unless it involves drinking!

Karate was fantastic. It’s so hard to describe how I feel about it. I just can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get back into it.

I’ll let you all into a little secret. I want to be good at Karate again. And by good I mean that I want to be really good. I want to compete at Kata and I want to win medals and trophies. Do you think I’m aiming a bit high?? I may well be, but that’s how motivated I am about doing Karate again.

I need to run. I need to make the time to run. I have alot of excuses in my bag at the moment and I’m using them regularly! This must stop….next week!