Exercise: Karate

My plan for 7 days of minimum 30 minutes exercise didn’t fall into place as I was hoping. A couple of late nights, a busy weekend and general lack of motivation didn’t help me at all. I did mow the lawn, walk around the shopping centre for a couple of hours and tidy the house, so I was still fairly active 😀

Tonight I did Karate again. I think that on Karate nights, if the class is more about technique than cardio, I may put my running gear on after the class and do a 30 min/5km run. I know that doing Karate is still burning calories, but if I’m not sweating like a pig and feeling general exhausted after a class, then I don’t feel like I’ve put in 100%!!

I have planned out my week’s worth of exercise so hopefully this will help me keep to plan!