Exercise: 5.8km Walk – Local Streets (Trigons)

Knowing that I was going to be out tonight, I organised to meet up with TW Michelle for an early morning walk.

Met her at 6am out the front of her place and we walked up and down a few local streets.

It was nice to get out early as it wasn’t too warm yet and there weren’t too many people about.

So that’s another tick in the box for my minimum 30 minutes exercise each day 😀

Not feeling too sore from Karate last night. I hope this is a good thing, although maybe it means that I didn’t work hard enough 😯

I am having a bit of a dliemna at the moment. I want to do the Two Bays run in January, but if I have to be honest, I am certainly not fit enough (running wise) to enter right now.

My running has declined over the last month, and although I’m not deliberately avoiding it, walking and now Karate seem to have taken the spotlight!

What to do, what to do 🙄