Exercise: 14km Walk – Local Streets (Trigons)

Rain, rain and more rain!! That’s all I heard during the night, and I had visions of waking up to more torrential rain 😦

Luckily it had stopped by the time I walked out the door to meet TW Michelle for a long walk. Unluckily, it started to rain again just as we met 🙄

So for the first 1/2 hour we walked in pouring rain, but at least it wasn’t cold, in fact it was quite humid!

Pity it was too early to vote, as we walked past at least 3 polling booths 😀

The rain stopped and unbelievably the sun came out, so it didn’t take too long to dry out!!

I was hoping to do about 20km but TW Michelle started having hip pain, so we cut it short.

Must get back out on the trail soon. Missing it 😀