Exercise: 20.5km Walk – Home to Glen Waverley (Trigons)

Went out last night with Michelle and left my car at her place (was dropped off at home). This gave me the perfect incentive to do my long walk 😀

The day started off a bit slowly as I did have a fair bit to drink last night, and it was pretty late when I got home 🙄

Great walking weather. Not too warm, with a cool wind blowing.

Didn’t have to walk along the roads at all, it was all on trail, which was fantastic. Plenty of bike riders about. I think alot of them were cycling home from the ride on Eastlink..

I kept up a pretty good pace and it didn’t seem to take too long to get to the car, probably because I know the trail very well, which I think made the time go by quickly.

Have found a great recipe for Mississippi Mud Slice which I’m going to make tonight so that I can take in to work tomorrow to help the fundraising for Oxfam.

BTW, if anyone would like to donate to Team Funbags, here’s the link, otherwise just click on the icon to the left 😀


Here’s a photo of me, Michelle and Jo Jo after a few drinks last night!