Exercise: 10km Walk/Run – Work to Home (10’s)

I’ve had my running gear in the car for a while now, hoping that my motivation jumps out and drags me by the scruff of the neck too 🙄

Tonight it did just that 😀

It was a beautiful evening to be outside. The last couple of days I have been on different courses and my head felt like it was full of jargon, so it was a great way to clear it!

I was pleased that my blister gave me no trouble at all, and I felt comfortable when I was running.

I didn’t push it at all, just enjoyed both the running and also the walk breaks.

There was only one small incident. I’d just stopped to pick a small stone out of my shoe and a guy stopped and asked me how far I was running. I felt an instant urge to ignore him and keep moving, but he was scary so I felt I had to respond. I was going to take a walk break after I’d taken the stone out of my shoe, but decided that running as far away from him as I could was a better option, so I waited until I had crossed the main road and was far enough away that he couldn’t catch me and then had my walk break 😯

I’m hoping that the more I get back out and do more running, the easier (and faster) it’s going to get. I really would like to get back to being able to run 20km comfortably instead of struggling to get past 10km without bursting a vein 🙄