Exercise: 36km walk – Home to Preston (Sequences)

Sorry it’s taken me a while to post this!!

Hubby had walked home from work on Friday morning and had left his car at work as he didn’t need it at all over the weekend. So what better excuse to go for a walk than to go and pick it up for him!!

I had listened to the weather and the forecast was for showers and thunderstorms later in the afternoon, which was fine as I left home at 7.30am, with the intention of being in Preston by about 1pm!

It was a perfect morning for a walk. Not too cool, not too hot, the sun shining, a bit of cloud coverage and a nice breeze!!

Got to about 13km and could feel the ball of my left foot rubbing, but as I didn’t want to stop, I kept walking until about 16km, when I stopped and took my shoe off to check out what was rubbing. There was a blister forming, probably because I’d put on a brand new pair of Thorlos and hadn’t washed them yet!! Luckily I had the Sportshield and smothered a good dose onto the foot! Fantastic stuff 😀

I was also stopped at this point by an older lady who wanted to know where I’d got my skirt from as she’d bought one from one of the hiking shops (can’t remember which one she’d mentioned) but said it was really awful!!

The km’s really seemed to fly by very quickly and I didn’t feel I needed to take too many rest stops. I did have to go to the loo though, and the only one that I found was one of those new type ones with the train like door opener/closer. It was a pleasant surprise when I stepped inside. It was clean, smelled quite floral and there was some nice piped music to accompany me 😀

I started to get a bit tired at around the 30km mark. I also realised that what I thought was going to be a 32km walk, was going to be a fair bit longer 😯

Finally got to the car, jumped in and headed straight to McDonalds for a Frappe. I was very thirsty (had only taken a litre of water with me) so while my frappe was being made, I also ordered a frozen coke. OMG that hit the spot. It also gave me brain freeze!!! I alternated between the two drinks on the way home and was happily refueled by the time I got home!

The damage: Only one blister on my left foot, right at the top of the ball of my foot, between my big toe and first toe. A little bit of rubbing on my back where my bra chafed. That’s all. I was very happy 😀

Took a few photos along the way: