Exercise: 22km Walk – Jells Park to Lysterfield Lake – (Supanovas)

Oh my word, what a day!!

Where do I start?? Well how about the amount of rain that fell overnight! It was still pouring when I picked TW Michelle up and drove over to Lysterfield Lake where we were meeting Berny, before driving to Jells Park to start our walk!!

The first 500 metres should have been a warning of things to come, as all the trails at the bottom of the hill around the lake were totally immersed in water! We couldn’t walk down the trail that we needed to head out along the Dandy Creek Trail so we had to make a detour and walk up to the main road so that we could jump on to the DCT!!

Our next encounter with the water was another couple of km’s along. There was no other way around the trail (although I desperately tried to find one!!) and we had to just wade through it. Wading through water that’s up to your knees and you can’t see the bottom is not the most thrilling thing that I’ve ever done and the shoes were squelching a bit, although I have to say that they seemed to empty pretty quickly and it didn’t take long before they seemed to dry out!

After that it was just a case of wading through the water slowly. We did this another 10 times over the course of the walk. It was just amazing to see the amount of water that had fallen overnight, and also very scary when there’s an undercurrent running through it which could knock you off your feet 😯

I have photos which I’ll have to add later as my laptop is getting fixed at the moment…..but that’s another story!!