Exercise: 13.5km Walk – Belgrave to Sherbrooke & return (Supanovas)

A team has been formed…..YAY!!

We are Team Funbags 😀

Our first training session was originally planned for tomorrow, but life happens and Michelle wouldn’t have been able to make it, Sara was working and Hubby had his roster changed so he was working also.

Change of plan. We moved training to today instead. Unfortunately Sara still couldn’t make it 😦

So 3 of the mighty new team met at Belgrave Station, along with Hubby, who was looking to enjoy the “Nature Walk”!!

I was so happy that the weather had cleared up from this morning’s rain, even to the point where the sun came out 😀 It was still fairly cool though and I even had gloves and neck warmer in my rucksack “just in case” (be prepared is my motto!!).

The climb up from Puffing Billy didn’t seem as hard as it had in the past, but that was probably because I had fresh legs and had not already walked 30km 😯

I thought it would be a good idea to do the new section of the trail early in training so that there were no surprises later on. Even though Berny has not done TW before, she trained on the trail last year, just in case she was needed to fill a team at the last minute, which is fantastic for us. Sara is new to all of it and I don’t think she has done any of the trail before. Please correct me if I’m wrong Sara 😀

Anyway it was a very enjoyable walk, which I felt very comfortable with. There was a nice little steep downhill just before Micawbers Tavern, followed by a long gentle (ish) incline up Hillclimb Track. It was a bit muddy though and everyone’s trainers are now looking a nice shade of mud colour 😀

On the way back we took the old TW course down Clematis Track and over to Grants Picnic Ground so that we could grab a hot drink at the cafe there. It was inside the shop as we were ordering our drinks that TW Michelle noticed something on her shin. She managed to get it off and it wriggled around on the floor. Berny’s original thought was that it was a cute little caterpiller, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a LEECH 😯

Major shreiks all round, including the young girl behind the counter who was taking our orders 😀 A man standing behind us picked it up and took it outside. Everyone then did a quick check of exposed limbs to make sure there were no other suckers hanging on!!!

Then it was a nice downhill walk back to the cars, apart from that horrible little steep hill next to the Puffing Billy Railway Station 😯

All in all a great first training session.

Note to self: Squats and lunges!!