Exercise: 2km Rower, 3.5km Treadmill, 7.1km Bike, skipping intervals/squats – Gym (10’s)

Why am I always unmotivated around the time I’m finishing work? Why can’t I feel enthusiastic about doing exercise at the end of the day 😦

So that was my mindset as I walked into the house tonight, even though I’d made a point of highlighting to Hubby this morning that I’d either be meeting TW Michelle for a walk/run (if she was free) or going to the gym for a workout tonight.

Hubby reminded me of this after I’d put my bag down and started to get comfortable on the couch, and I tried to think of every good excuse to justify not going 😳

Of course 2 minutes after saying that I’d go in the morning instead I walked into the bedroom and got changed into my gym gear. Thinking back, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to the gym and do exercise, it was just the hassle of getting changed and going back out the door again.

Once I was there, I really enjoyed the exercise. I walked out a dripping mess! 😀

Now the question is, will I make it down there again in the morning? 😉