Exercise: 6km Run – Kilsyth to Home (Trigons)

What fantastic weather for running. The sun was out, it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t stupid o’clock so I didn’t really have a reason not to run 😀

I’d arranged to pick my parents up from the Airport (they’ve been jetsetting around the world again!!) so decided that I could drive my car over to their place and run home. Their car is at my place already so it was a perfect outcome!!

I was also very relieved to actually be running again. For the last week I have had every type of flu symptom you can think of!!

Started off with the sore throat, which lasted over the weekend. Then came the croaky voice, the loss of voice, the head cold and snot filled nose, followed by the hacking cough! Yep, a great week was had by everyone apart from me!!

Think I should start training soon for the 1/2 marathon next weekend 😯