Exercise: 7km run – MMCT (10’s)

Ho hum, back to reality!! I hate unpacking my suitcase when I get home from a trip, and my suitcase usually sits on the floor for a few days as I slowly unpack everything bit by bit!! Today I decided that I was going to unpack everything and put it away immediately 😀

We went and picked up the kittens this morning as well, so the house is back to normal now. I think they had gotten used to going to bed early as they were all tucked up in their bed by 7pm!!

Met Michelle for a run at lunch time. Was a bit unsure about the weather as it had been drizzling all morning. Of course there was no sign of the rain when I got to MM and I would even go as far as to say that it was pleasant 😯

Back to work tomorrow 😦

Now is anyone out there looking for a new pair of trainers? I have 2 pairs of Saucony Hurricane 10’s in a Womens size 10 that I have never worn. No, I tell a lie, I wore one pair of them to the gym once and realised that they were too big. When I bought them I read the Saucony write up and it advised to buy a 1/2 size up on your normal size, which I did. 🙄

One pair is a wide width and the other pair is a standard width. I also have photos if you’re interested! Price is negotiable 😀