Exercise: 7.5km Run – Miami to Burleigh & return (Sequences)

I woke up to a very overcast morning. No sun shining at all 😦

It was still 18 degrees at 7am though 😀

I love people watching and there were plenty of people out this morning, doing all sorts of exercise and recreation. There were the couples walking, the young pretty girlies walking, the fit young girlies running, the older ladies out for a chat and a leisurely walk. Then there were the foreign tourists, taking photos of everything along the trail, and there were the fast fit shirtless fellas, running flat out. There were the families on the beach already, and the families who had brought their breakfast down to the beach before going to school. Yes, it was a good people watching morning 😀

My left calf is a little bit niggly at the moment. Not sure why but I’ve given it a self massage and sprayed some heat stuff on it. Hopefully it will just fix itself and go away 🙄

Spent the day at White Water World. it wasn’t too hot today, and the sun wasn’t too strong as there was alot of cloud cover. The best bit was that there weren’t too many people there either so we all got a sun lounger in a good sunny spot 😀

Tomorrow I plan on walking to Harbourtown 😀