Exercise: 10km Run – Nobby Beach to Burleigh & return (10’s)

I had a couple of days off from running. My calves were starting to get a bit tight and very sore, so I gave them a break. Of course I did no other exercise unless you call walking around Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and wandering along looking at sculptures at the SWELL exhibition exercise 🙄

So this morning loomed bright and sunny, the legs were feeling refreshed, so I hopped out of bed, chucked on some clothes and headed back down to the beach. I hadn’t really decided what distance to run, but just thought I’d play it by feel.

I got to the bottom of the hill at Burleigh and had to make a decision. Do I turn around now and end up with 7.5km, or do I run up the hill and back to make it 10km. Yep, did the hill 😀

Unfortunately by the time I got to about the 8km mark I was struggling a bit. Where has all my fitness gone that I can’t even do 10km comfortably any more 😦