Exercise: 8km Run – Burleigh to Tullebudgera & return (Sequences)

I went to bed fairly early last night with the intention of getting up as soon as I woke up and heading out the door for a 12km run.

The light coming into the bedroom at 5.30am woke me up before I would have liked, and even though I’d had 7 hours sleep, I still felt really tired. I knew that I wouldn’t go back to sleep, so thought I’d just turn the TV on for a little while until I felt the urge to get up and go for a run.

The place we are renting has Foxtel. I am now addicted to Foxtel. We don’t have it at home so there are loads of TV shows that I’ve never seen before, especially reality TV shows 😀

Unfortunately this meant that I didn’t get out of bed until after 11am (there is a TV in the bedroom 😀 ). I also went into can’t be bothered mode and started to look for an excuse not to run…..it was getting too late, my legs were tired, it might rain, maybe I can make today my rest day….oh yes, I had plenty of excuses!!

As usual, Hubby talked me around. He suggested that we all go down to the beach, I could go for my run and Alana and him could hang out on the beach until I came back. Perfect for all of us 🙂

I did actually have tired legs, that wasn’t really an excuse, so instead of the 12km run I had planned, I just pulled it back to an 8km run, taking in the nice little hill that goes up behind Burleigh 😯

I want to go back to Harbourtown before we leave, so I may walk there and get Hubby to pick me up when I’ve finished shopping. It’s about 20km away, so a decent walk. It may give the legs a break from running 😀

The weather keeps improving. This makes me very happy. I’m enjoying running in the sunshine. It motivates me, makes me want to be healthier and get fitter again. I now realise that I’ve missed the sunshine alot. I need sunshine and warmth. I’ve even checked the Real Estate website to see how much properties cost up here……..