Exercise: 10km Run – House to Beach & return (Sequences)

Well after a false start yesterday, today dawned clear and dry.

I’d mapped out a route on mapmyrun last night so I knew where I was headed. The only downside was that it was nearly all footpath, apart from the 2km along the beach trail.

It was fairly humid, even at 7am, with no sunshine, so I’m not sure how I will feel if I run with the sun shining. I know that I’ll be a dripping wet mess 🙄

As previously stated, yesterday was a no go. I’d gotten up with every intention of going out for a run, but after checking the weather radar, I thought I’d wait until the next rain band moved through. Unfortunately I missed my opportunity to run without getting wet, so sat and waited for the next dry spell.

Anyway, it got late and I got tired and blah blah blah 😳

I’m hoping that this holiday will get me out of my slump and motivate me to do some exercise every day. My intention is to run 6 days out of 7, increasing the distance each day. I also intend to enjoy the warm sunny weather (when it’s around) to relax and chill out 😀

Shopping today at Harbourtown (woohoo!!) and I picked up a new pair of Hurricane 11’s in a lovely snazzy green colour 😀