Exercise: 10km Run – Track (Sinisters)

Yes I’m still in hibernation mode.

I only poked my nose out today because I heard the word sunshine.

I made sure that I put my running gear on as soon as I got out of bed this morning (okay so it was nearly 11am before I actually got out of bed!!) and this meant no excuses 😀

Because Hubby was working I had to find somewhere that I could also take Alana, so headed down to the local track. It was pretty empty apart from a couple of people, so I just shuffled around for 10km.

I did do some bursts of 8 seconds fast followed by 12 seconds recovery, and also tried to do some laps at a faster pace than my usual slow shuffle 😳

Unfortunately 10km was as much as I could endure going round and round the track as boredom had kicked in (and I was getting a bit sore in my hip).

I pulled a new pair of trainers out of the cupboard to trial. They are Saucony Grid Sinister. Comfy, no rubbing and felt good on the track 😀