Exercise: Bike Intervals, Bodyweight Routine, Skipping

Been a while hasn’t it 😳

What can I say….I’ve gone into hibernation mode!

I absolutely hate the cold weather. It robs me of any kind of motivation I have to get out of bed early, go back outside once I’ve got home from work, run at lunchtime, basically anything that involves getting changed once I’m dressed and warm 🙄

I also got struck down with a cold last week. I’ve been so lucky over the last couple of years and have not been sick at all. Unfortunately someone at work thought that they’d come in with a nose full of cold and spread their germs to everyone else, which meant that there are now even more people off work suffering with a cold!

Anyway I went to bed last with the intention of getting up and going to the gym this morning. Of course the alarm goes off and I am having a fight in my head, trying to convince myself that I should get out of bed and go to the gym. I won 😀