Exercise: 4.5km Run – Local Streets (Sequences)

A text from TW Michelle last night asking if I wanted to do a spin class this morning (which I couldn’t fit in due to time constraints) meant an early 4.5km run instead.

No rain (phew!!) and good company made the time go by quickly. I wished I could have spent another 1/2 hour out running, but with Alana having to play Netball, it just wasn’t to be.

In fact, if TW Michelle hadn’t text me, I probably wouldn’t have done any exercise at all today 😳

I’ve had pretty bad DOMS in my quads since the You Yangs run last Sunday. Monday wasn’t too bad, but Tuesday was just so painful. I had to cry off my run with Michelle on Tuesday morning as I could hardly walk, let alone consider running. Having to walk up and down a flight of stairs at work was just agonizing!!

Then with Hubby working nights on Wednesday and Thursday it ruled out any kind of exercise (okay that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!).

Next week will be better!!