Exercise: You Yangs 15km Run – (Supanovas)

Firstly…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Husband.

So another early Sunday morning 😯

Corrie met me at my place at 6.30, and I also picked up Corrie’s friend Natelie on the way. The drive out to the You Yangs was relatively quick and easy, and the parking and bus ride to the start was great.

OMG it was cold standing around waiting. And the smell in those environmentally friendly toilets was pretty offensive 😯

We started about 15 minutes late. Luckily it didn’t take long for me to warm up and I peeled off the jacket, gloves and pushed the arm warmers down to my wrists within a km of starting.

And the best thing was NO rain….sunshine even!!

I managed to run to the first drink station but the hill after that had me walking. I absolutely loved the run back down to the bottom, and the nice flat section was perfect to run along. It was only when I got back to the start of the climb back up to the start/finish area that I was reduced back to a walk!

Had to stop and grab a drink and some lollies as I was feeling a little bit feint!! Also threw all my excess clothing at Corrie 😀

The climb around the west wall was rocky, and very undulating, so I walked the majority of it, but enjoyed the run back down the hill.

Okay, so this is when things went a bit pear shaped. I wasn’t carrying a map because I knew the course was well marked and there were people running in front of me. Unfortunately by the time I came down the hill, there was nobody in sight and the only marker I could see pointed me down a hill.

By the time I got down the bottom of the hill I realised that I’d gone the wrong way and there was no way in hell that I was about to turn around and walk back up the hill.

So I carried on along the trail I was on and ended up back on a section that I’d run (okay walked!!) previously, which led me back up to the start/finish area. So I ran over to the finish line and spoke to the race director, who pointed me to the finish line and I just had to run over it and got my medal. 😳

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t run the proper course, but was happy that I hadn’t gone too far out of my way, and that I hadn’t actually got lost and had to have a search party come out and find me 😳

Some highlights. Seeing how strong Michelle looked running the 50km. How many people actually competed today. How good the weather was. The race organisation. And that Jo was still smiling, even though she fell over and completely trashed her knees (again!!) and her hand!!

Have now signed up to do the 1/2 marathon at Melbourne in October 😀