Exercise: Run Melbourne 1/2 Marathon (Trigons)

It was a last minute decision to enter this race, but I am so glad that I did. I need to keep motivated to run, and by entering races at least I have a goal. Lacking goals = no running!!

An early start to the day (4.45am) as I had to drop Alana off at Hubby’s work (he was working night shift) so that he could look after her at home (she doesn’t like being at home on her own). Hubby also dropped me off in town so that I didn’t have to worry about parking. My aim was to get the train home after the run, which meant that I could have a couple of drinks at Transport if I so desired 😀

Got a text from Michelle to see if I’d like her to run with me. OMG YES!! More company means more motivation to keep running during a run when my brain is screaming at me to walk!!

We organised all the important things first – making the decision on what outfit to wear 😀

I didn’t even think about where we were going to meet or what we were doing afterwards, just wanted to ensure that we had the same clothes on 😳

Went to check in my bag, looked at the queue for the toilets and decided to worry about finding a loo later!! Met up with Michelle and we wandered up to the start line together.

The queue for the portable loos near the start line was fairly long, but as we had a bit of time to kill due to the start of the run being done in waves, this gave us enough time to walk over to the toilets behind the Myer Music Bowl, which were empty 😀

We then wandered down to the back of the start line, and met up with the WOOH’s and Alison.

Mr Wombat was just looking to enjoy this run and so dressed accordingly

This is Team Stupidly Determined. Very inspirational women 😀

And of course here’s Michelle and I. You can’t really see our outfits in this photo, but we were wearing new lemon tops that I bought when I was out shopping in Harbourtown at GC a couple of weeks ago!!

We had to wait for the waves in front of us to start, but before long we were off and racing 😀

I have to say a big congratulations to the organisers of the race for actually making a start where you really were running with people of the same calibre. It made it so much easier to find an open space and not have to dodge around people who were running slower than you.

We got into a groove fairly quickly and just enjoyed the whole thing. We stopped at each water station for a drink, but generally just kept running at a comfortable pace.

I was still feeling fairly comfortable when we started the second loop, although it was a bit daunting having to run past all the 10kers who were lined up waiting to start their race. The fast 10kers ran past us pretty quickly once their race began, and it was a little more congested when the main peloton ran past 😯

I started to struggle at around the 18km mark. My right ITB was niggling me, and even though I’d taken the precautionary measure of taping it, it was still hurting, which was really disappointing.

The end loomed, but it was a bit of a crush when we turned on to the finishing section. Lots of 10k runners thought it was okay to push past without even an “excuse me” or “coming past”. 😡

By the time we walked up to Fed Square to get my bag, got changed and headed over to the Transport Bar, I was developing a bit of a headache, and when Michelle offered me a lift home (remember I was going to catch the train) I jumped at the chance, even though it meant not catching up with all my other running buddies 😦

Sitting here now on the couch, I’m so relieved that we had some really nice weather. Okay it was a bit chilly to start, and the wind was a bit strong in sections, but I’d rather have that than the downpour that is happening right now 😀

So next week is the You Yangs 15km run for me. I’ll let you into a little secret. I’d actually registered for the 30km but realised that it would be much smarter to do the 15km, taking into account that I haven’t done any real hill work since Trailwalker in April 😯