Exercise: 15.5km Run – MMCT (Trigons)

I wanted to wait until it had warmed up before I set out for my run this morning.

I also needed to make sure that Alana was prepared, as she was coming along with me. Hubby had set up my bike so that she could ride it. I was a little unsure how it would all go as she hasn’t ridden a bike for more than a year. I had visions of us walking back home after the first 2km, her in tears and me pushing the bike 🙄

Am very happy (and surprised) to admit that Alana absolutely loved the ride. It was lovely having her riding alongside of me, even if she did complain that I run too slow (she had to keep stopping to wait for me to catch up)!!

It even made me run a bit faster than I probably would have if I’d been running on my own 😀

Am hoping that this will become something that we do more often. It means that when Hubby is working weekends I can still get out for my run, without me having to find a babysitter 😀

I’m also planning to run to work tomorrow as my car is going in for a service 😯