Exercise: 6.4km Run – Local Streets (Sequences)

Yay, I’ve found another running partner. No, I’m not giving my bestest buddy the flick, but TW Michelle has taken up running, and as she lives very close to me, it is extra motivation to get out in the evening and meet her for a run around the block.

Tonight we met up and she had her dog with her. Now her dog is no ordinary dog, no this dog is a huge Irish Wolfhound, otherwise known as a 14 hand high horse 😯

So we did one block with the dog, dropped her off at home and did another block without the dog. TW Michelle certainly felt the difference between having a big dog dragging you along, and then having to use your own power to run 😀

I have a new love. My brand spanking new Dell laptop arrived today and I am so excited and can’t wait to get it up and running. Patience is required 🙄