Exercise: 6km Run – MMCT (Trigons)

So so early for a run this morning 😯

Michelle had to start work at 7am, so we had to be finished by 6am for Michelle to get home and get ready for work, so an early start it was!!

It was cool….okay it was cold, you could see our breath, but I had plenty of clothes on to keep the cold at bay. I even took my jacket off after about 4km 😀

And a little story to give you a laugh 😳

I took my credit card with me so that I could fill my car up with petrol on the way back home after the run. As I didn’t want to lug my big purse with me, I just put my credit card, drivers licence and my everyday rewards card in a little purse so that it fits somewhere small.

So I drive into the petrol station, fill the car up and walk in to pay. I pull out my cards, only to realise that my credit card is not actually my credit card, but my flybuys card 😯

OMG, I had a little panic attack. I didn’t know what to do. So I walk up to the counter, give the girl a silly grin and explain what I’ve done. Luckily she was really nice and just wrote down my rego number and let me race home to grab my credit card and then race back to the petrol station to pay.

I’m just lucky that we finished the run early so that I had enough time to get home and back without being late for work 😳