Exercise: Bike Intervals, 2km Treadmill Run, PT Session (Sequences)

I headed down to the gym this morning about 1/2 hour before my PT session so that I could warm up.

Started the PT session with some walking lunges (holding 12kg weights 😯 ), followed by some sprints. Did this a couple of times, so my legs were feeling a bit like jelly.

Then something strange happened. The PT wanted me to do some roundhouse kicks on the punching bag. She showed me where to stand and how to kick and then she held onto the bag. I surprised both her and myself when I started to kick.

25 years ago I took up Karate. I absolutely loved it. Won a few medals and trophies at competitions, and got close to getting my black belt before I gave it up (stupidly!!).

So my first kick nearly sent her flying!! I was stunned that without even thinking about it I could still do a roundhouse kick with good form and plenty of power 😀

Just goes to show that if you get taught well, it never gets forgotten. The PT made me do 40 kicks, 20 each side. I am going to hurt like hell tomorrow 🙄