Exercise: 16.3km run – MMCT (10s)

Michelle and I arranged to meet for a nice casual run this morning. Knowing that it had been the coldest night since forever I pulled out all my warm winter clothes.

Within about a km of my run I realised the error of my ways! I was warm already 🙄

I was meeting Michelle on the trail and had decided to run from home but was running a bit late so I didn’t have time to stop and strip off until I had met Michelle. By that time I was really warm so the arm warmers came off and the neck warmer came off. Luckily I had forgotten my gloves 🙄

The run itself was great. I was really surprised, and happy, that I didn’t struggle too much, although my left foot decided to play up a bit with my middle toe going numb. Michelle suggested loosening off my shoelace. I always have my laces loose but had done the bow a bit tighter just to stop my foot from coming out, so loosened that off a bit more. Seemed to do the trick 🙂

We ran back to my place, Michelle had a cuddle with the kittens and then ran back to her car which was parked at MM!

The legs are feeling a little weary now but in a good kind of way 😀