Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (Trigons)

I was half expecting to hear the sound of rain when the alarm went off this morning, but it was all quiet, so I just got up and got myself dressed, ready to go and meet Michelle for a run.

I got a text from Michelle just before I was leaving to say that it was raining at her place and did I still want to run. Now normally I would have said NO straight away, and when I looked out of the window it was actually raining, but seeing as I was already dressed and ready to go, I thought it was silly to have to take all my clothes off again to go back to bed (which I would normally have done!!), so instead I asked Michelle if she still wanted to run. She agreed 😀

And of course, it wasn’t even raining when I got to MMCT, and it only rained very lightly during the run, so I’m really glad that I didn’t give in to my inner lazy self 😀

This is the third day in a row of exercise. Hoping to put in a full week. Have also tried to eat better this week. I’ve made a salad each day to take to work and have kept the crap food to a minimum. That 3pm chocolate craving is the hardest thing of all to get over, especially as there’s always chocolate available in the Confectionery area 😳