Exercise: 13.2km Run – Puffing Billy (8’s Blue)

I entered this race only because my Brother, who lives in Sydney, rang me with a belly full of alcohol and boasted that he’d entered and could easily beat me 🙄

So what was a girl supposed to do 😀

Tiger Boy very graciously came and picked me up on the morning. We were a tad early due to the fact that I thought the race started at 9am, although we would have been there earlier still if I’d listened to TB, as he thought it started at 8am 😯

Mr and Mrs Wombat arrived fairly early too, so we all wandered up to the main street to find a place that sold coffee, and to use the loos before the huge long queues started forming for them!

I literally ran into my brother as we walked up to the start. He was just crossing the road! Also met up with Em, who was putting her bag in the truck at the same time as me 😀

Everyone just seemed to hang around for a while before the organisers let us move to the starting area. Bumped into Kevin Cassidy while waiting for the start and had a bit of a natter.

The whistle blew and we were all off and running. A nice downhill section to start, followed by a slow incline all the way up to the turnoff from the main road. I caught up to Courtney Love and Mrs Lostboy here, and ran with them for a fair distance.

I also caught up with my Brother and his mate at the 3km mark and we all had a bit of a banter. I think I was ahead of the 2nd train at this point.

The Menzies hill got me. Had to do some run/walk stuff going up the hill, but got my second wind once I’d passed the drink station.

Caught up again with Courtney Love and we pretty much ran the rest of the way together.

I loved the downhill section near the end, although I was getting a very sharp pain in my back, which I’ve had before on another run when I was coming down a fairly long decline.

I’m not sure what my actual time was as my Garmin had a mind of it’s own and I couldn’t see any data. It had gone into stupid mode and wouldn’t let me do anything to it. I couldn’t even stop the timer. I think it was stuck in power save mode or something. It let me go back into training mode eventually and I could then turn the timer off. Note to self: get it looked at!

Caught up again with most people at the finish. My brother and his mate came in about 5-10 minutes behind me. We wandered over to pick up our t-shirts, then jumped on a bus back to Belgrave.

Now I have to mention here that I was very impressed with the organisation this year. The last time I did this race…..well you can read about it here and here!!

Met all the usual riff raff at McCawbers pub in Belgrave for a nice relaxed afternoon 😀

Caught up with Em at the finish line 😀

But didn’t catch the train though 😦

Me and my Brother Jeff 😀

And Jeff with his mate Adrian 😀