Exercise: 13.5km Run/Walk – Sherbrooke Forest (Excursions)

Got a text from Michelle yesterday asking if I wanted to do a run at Sherbrooke. Of course I did!! Have been sitting on my butt all week doing nothing, so really needed to get out there!!

In my mind 20km was a distance that I could achieve, taking into account all the walking I’ve been doing for Trailwalker. How wrong could I be 😳

There was a nice group of people who met up this morning, even though it was pretty chilly and a bit foggy 😯

The warm up loop should have been a gentle realisation that maybe 20km was pushing it, as I was pretty much exhausted after that. But no, I was out there running, and I was going to run as far as I could 🙄

The downhill run to McCawbers should have been a less gentle realisation that maybe I had taken on more than I could chew, especially as I was getting a twinge in the back of my left leg. This was a big problem last weekend when I did Trailwalker and it took a couple of days before the hurt went away. But again, the thought didn’t enter my head.

It was only when I went to run up towards Grants that the back of my left knee decided it was having none of it and I felt a very sharp pain, which left me gasping for air and feeling slightly sick (ok, very sick). It was at this point that Michelle came back looking for me, as she’d run on ahead, not realising that I was unable to run at all at this point!!

I ended up walking most of the way up to Grants (I did try to run on the flat bits though 😳 ). The rest of the group were already at Grants, as was Mark, who had come with Michelle but was enjoying the scenic walking tracks instead of running, due to his broken arm/shoulder!!

So the running group took off back to the car park, and I walked back up to the cars with Mark along the road.

We all went for coffee and scones with jam and cream at a local cafe…YUM!!

You can see the big smiles on our faces after eating the scones, even though my knee was still really, really sore 😀

I’m seeing Corrie on Tuesday night, thankfully, so I’m hoping she can perform some sort of miracle to make the pain go away. I will not be pulling out of the Puffing Billy run, so I have great faith in Corrie that she will work her magic!!

So in answer to Kats question, I’ve done 3 Trailwalkers so far, so just 2 more before I can get my hands on the elusive bandana 😀

And to answer both Kat and Sara’s questions, next year I am going to run it and yes Sara, you are more than welcome to come and join us next year if you would like to be part of a running team 😀