AM: Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (Sequences)
PM: Exercise: Circuit Class

Woohoo, another day of double exercise. Just trying to catch up on all the days I haven’t exercised over the last week 🙄

Slightly chilly this morning. Autumn is definitely approaching quickly, although leaves not falling off the trees yet! A slightly faster run compared to some earlier this month, although it does take us a while to warm up and get the legs moving 😳

Then tonight I went down to the gym with TW Michelle for a circuit class. I think that instructor likes boxing. We’ve done it both times I’ve attended. Tonight we did it during the warm up and then during the class we did a boxing circuit. There were about 20 people in the class so with 10 holding pads and 10 boxing we had to do 20 punches, run 2 laps of the room, move on to the next person holding the pad and do a different set of 20 punches. I think I’m going to hurt tomorrow 😥