Exercise: 15 Mins Bike Intervals, 3km Treadmill Run, Weight circuit (Trigons)

I had the opportunity of going straight to work from the gym this morning, so I made the most of the extra time available.

Did a few more intervals on the bike than I normally would. Did the whole weight machine circuit, using all the machines. Then jumped on the treadmill and did some pyramids.

As they serve breakfast at the gym, I had the time to sit down and enjoy some muesli before I hopped in the car and drove to work.

Wish I could do this every day. Unfortunately family life takes front row, so from now on I will always try and make the most of any opportunity I get to do this 😀

I’ve done nothing for the last 4 days 😳

I was hoping to go and join the Coolrunners for a nice run around the Puffing Billy course on Sunday morning, but my dodgy tummy had other ideas 🙄

Was also booked in at the gym for a PT session on Saturday morning, but realised on Friday night that Alana had a netball game (first day of school holidays!!) and I would not have had enough time to get to the gym, do the session, get home, shower and then get Alana to Netball on time. Note to self: rebook session sooner rather than later!!

Better get myself to bed. Got an early run in the morning 😯