Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (Sequences)

No text from Michelle when I got up this morning, which was a blessing in disguise as I wouldn’t have been able to do any other exercise today due to work committments at lunchtime (leaving lunch for a colleague) and parental committments after work (school twilight sports).

4.30 is just way too early to get up and run, although run we did. When I drove down to meet Michelle, there was a tiny bit of low lying fog, yet when I drove home after the run, it had all dropped and was like thick soup 😯

I thought my legs would be like lead this morning, but surprisingly, although they were slow, they didn’t really hurt at all.

Okay, am falling asleep now, and I want to get up and do a pump class in the morning. Yes I know, I’m a sucker for punishmnet 🙄

Off to bed I go 😀