Exercise: Circuit Workout

Well Michelle Bridges kicked my butt this morning 😳

When I wrote the circuit down, I thought it was going to be easy peasy, so I opted for the advanced circuit. OMG, what was I thinking 😯

Even writing it down below, it still looks very tame, but trust me, from someone who is not as fit as they think, it’s not easy at all!

20 x Pushups using the end of a step, with one hand on and one hand off the step, alternating sides
20 x Burpees
20 x Sumo Squats (very wide stance)
20 x Ski Jumps
20 x Backward Lunges using a step

Repeat 😯

20 x Mountain Climbers
30 Seconds Side Planks (both sides)
20 x Bike Crunches
20 x Fitball rollouts
30 Seconds Planks (front)

Repeat that too 😯 😯

So sitting here tonight I am now starting to feel muscle soreness in both my abs and my shoulders. It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better 🙄