Exercise: 44km Walk – Jells Park to Lysterfield to Jells Park

The whole TW team joined in on the training session today.

Today was all about getting distance in our legs to see how we would fare. Previously we’ve done up to about 37km, but I wanted to get out there for about 12 hours to see how we all coped.

We all met at Jells Park, got ourselves organised and set off

Plenty of people already on the trail, probably doing the same as us 😀

We didn’t have to go far before we came across some weird looking creatures (not the walking ones) 😀

All went well on the way to Lysterfield. We passed through the burnt out area near Churchill Park and were really surprised to see how much it’s grown since we first walked through there last October 😯

Didn’t have too much of a problem making it up the Churchill Park hill. I still remember the first time I walked up it a couple of years ago. Thought it was the biggest hill in the whole world 😳

Had to take a detour as we got close to Lysterfield as they were doing some back burning. Luckily there is another trail which runs around the other side of the lake. We wandered over to the Cafe, had some lunch and a nice cold drink.

Cilla also showed off her taping technique to some other Trailwalkers who were complaining about blisters

We then turned around and headed back to Jells Park, once Cilla had applied her chafing cream 😉

The gradual incline back up towards Churchill was starting to aggravate my right hip. I’ve previously had problems with it, but thought that was all done and dusted now…..NOPE!

Started to walk down the decline into Churchill Park and then my right knee decided that it was going to go on me 😡

Luckily I’d brought my tape, so I wrapped some around the knee, which did the trick. Just had to manage my hip. Unfortunately Michelle was also having problems with her hip so it was a very uncomfortable walk back to Jells Park.

Cilla loves black jelly beans and had comfortably eaten her way through a whole packet. This was the state of her tongue!

We stopped for a quick loo break and I knew that there was still about 8km before we got back to the car. I just had to suck it up and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

With about 3km to go Cilla realised that it was easier for her to do a slow jog rather than keep walking. Shells joined her and they headed off into the distance. I know that the change of muscle groups would probably make a nice change. Unfortunately there was no way that I could jog as my hip was just killing me.

Why is there a hill going back up to the Cafe at Jells Park. How I hated that hill. Shells and Cilla were sitting at the Cafe waiting for us when we got back. Bought a nice cold bottle of diet coke (although I wanted an Appletize but they didn’t have any). Note to self: make sure you had a big bottle in the car next time!!

I’ve now had a nice warm shower and am finding that getting up and down is very painful. Have had a good stretch and will see how I feel in the morning. Might need to bring my appointment with Corrie forward a bit 🙄

All up a very good day. It’s highlighted all our strengths and weaknesses and hopefully we have learned from this and can get all the niggles sorted before Trailwalker.

On that subject, if you’d like to donate, here’s the link

Oxfam Trailwalker Donation Page

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