Exercise: Run for the Kids – 14.2km (8’s Blue)

Can you believe that I actually considered not doing this run as I felt that my running just isn’t up to par yet 😳

However, being the scrooge that I am, I wasn’t going to throw away a perfectly good entry (especially as some people didn’t get a run as it was full – but then who would wait until the very last minute to enter the biggest event in Melbourne!!!).

I met Corrie at the local train station, although I wasn’t sure that we were going to get a ticket as the station manager didn’t rock up to open up the station until about 15 minutes before the train arrived. I don’t think she was made aware of the fact that there was a race in town and lots of people would be using public transport to get to the event. Probably not her normal Sunday morning quantity of travellers 😀

If I have to make one small complaint about this race, it’s the fact that there is always a queue for all toilets that are available, whether they be portable ones or not. We got to the race area about 8.20am and I didn’t get to use the loo until about 8.40am. That’s nearly 20 minutes of standing in line.

I then had to drop my bag off at the bag drop off area, which meant that I missed out on meeting Cilla and Shells before the race as they’d already moved to the start line before I got to the meeting point 😡

Then the start was delayed by about 25 minutes because the 5km runners, who started before the 14km runners, were taking a long time getting over the start line.

Oh well, at least it was a nice morning so it was pleasant to just stand in the warm sun for a little while. Got to chat with some nice women around me too 😀

Once we got going (must have taken 5-8 minutes to get over the start line) there was the normal weaving and ducking around all the walkers who continue to think it’s their right to start right at the front of the crowds 🙄

And it wouldn’t be too bad apart from the fact that they all walk 4 abreast at least, and in the middle of the road. If they walked maybe 2 abreast and kept to the side of the road, the runners would at least be able to just run in a straight line.

I stopped at each drink station for some water, caught up with Berny at about the 5.5km mark, ran with her for a little while and then headed up the Bolte Bridge. I was determined to run the whole way up to the top. I’ve only walked it once, which was the first time I ran it, and it wasn’t going to get the better of me today 😀

Collins Street was a different story. I really needed to keep a little bit of energy in my legs for the last couple of km’s to the finish line, so decided to walk the steepest bit of Collins Street.

Ran over the finish line and there was Shells, right in front of me. She’d only just finished too, so she hadn’t been far in front of me at all right through the race 😀

Went and grabbed a drink and some grapes, picked up my bag and then waited for Shells and Cilla to come past. We wandered up to the Transport Bar, caught up with Andrew, JH, Kathryn, The Wombats and some of the Coolrunners, managed to sell some raffle tickets (thanks everyone 😀 ) and have a glass of champers 😀

I actually started to get quite a severe headache, so thought it best that I left. Jumped on the train, picked Alana up from the Babysitter (thanks TW Michelle 😀 ) and am now sitting here quietly comfortable. Legs feel good, which is amazing for me 😯

A few of my fellow running buddies were missed today. My bestest buddy Michelle did 6ft this weekend, smashing her time from last year by 29 minutes. She’s just a legend 😀

Sara, well okay, it might be a bit hard to do this run when you’re in Japan!! Em and Tiger Boy. It didn’t feel the same not having you there. We all missed you. Hope everything is okay 😀

I hope everyone who ran had a great run. I know I did 😀