Exercise: 14.3km Run – Home to Parents & Home (8’s Blue)

I waited until later in the morning before venturing out to make sure that it wasn’t going to rain on me while I was running. You all know by now that I hate the rain don’t you 🙄

So I thought a good option would be to run over to my parent’s house, which is about 7km away, and meant that I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying water with me, or finding a tap somewhere.

I did struggle on the run over there. Cambridge Road is a bit of an undulating roller coaster, especially that first bit near the police station. I was happy to get to my parent’s house and have a drink and a bit of a chin wag with my Mum.

Something strange happened on the way back. About 2km in, I actually felt that feeling you get when you just hit your groove and the running feels easy 😀

It might also have had something to do with the big black clouds that were forming in the distance, and my brain was subconsciously saying to me “hurry up and get home before you get rained on” 😀

I stopped to have a stretch just near the railway line and of course, there was the evidence of the local taggers. Now I will say that there is some nice looking graffiti in one area of Mooroolbark, but to just dump the can instead of chucking it in a bin kind of took away my enjoyment of looking at it 😡

How weird is it to see a person’s name on the TV, and realise that you went to school with them 😯 A Senior Sergeant he is now!! Sara, maybe he’s a mate of yours 😉