Exercise: 29.5km Walk – Launching Place – Wesburn – Launching Place (Excursions)

Up early this morning as another long walk was planned. Unfortunately TW Michelle couldn’t join us so it was the trusty threesome 😀

Almost killed us all before we’d even set off. The sun was just coming over the top of the mountain, I was turning into the carpark and couldn’t see the 4WD approaching. A narrow miss 😯

It certainly got the old heart pumping, that’s for sure. Can you see the shocked look on our faces 😀

A nice easy walk along the Aqua Duct trail. It was fairly shaded so we didn’t get the full force of the sun. It was fairly busy though, what with motor bikes and a 4WD, along with the occasional runner going the other way 😀

We stopped for lunch at Warburton, then continued on up to Tanty Hill. Today Tanty Hill nearly got the better of me. It totally wiped me out. I was almost ready to puke. Had the cold sweats and all 😳

Took me a few minutes to get my breath back. Had to chew on a few jelly beans to get the saliva moving again too (okay maybe a bit TMI!!).

We stopped at Wesburn for a bit of a clean up, applied more sunscreen, had a bite to eat, filled the hydration pack with more water and checked Google to see who sang Zipadee Doo Da (long story) before heading back out to find the Warby Trail.

We made good time back to Launching Place, although the sun was quite warm out in the open. I was looking forward to the bottle of Staminade that I had in the boot of my car. Unfortunately it wasn’t as cold as I’d hoped, but was still refreshing and really hit the spot.

It seems that this year the TW people want us to have reached our donation target BEFORE we do the event. They’ve even stated that we cannot start if we haven’t raised our target amount 😦

So, if you could spare a few dollars, we would be eternally grateful (and I can stop forcing everyone at work to eat everything I bake!!!)

Thankyou for anything you can donate 😀