Exercise: 12km Walk – Olinda to Mt Evelyn (Excursions)

Oooh, a night walk!!!

We knew that we would be doing this section in the dark on TW day so thought it appropriate to walk it beforehand so we knew what we would be in for.

And what a perfect evening for a walk 😀

Okay, the bugs were attracted to the headlamps a bit more than I would have liked, and the sounds in the bush around us was a little bit spooky at times, but otherwise it was a really good walk.

Also good was the fact that we could not see how steep the descent was on the Melba Track, and in fact it was much easier to walk down without actually seeing the bottom of the hill.

TW Michelle hadn’t done this section before, so I wasn’t sure how she would cope with the Melba Track, but she came through with flying colours, getting down the hill even quicker than me 😀

It was a late night, and I was sweaty and smelly when I got home, but a shower and a few munchies before bed made for a sound sleep.

Shells had on her new reflective bracelets and was very easy to spot on the trail 😀

My buff headband worked a treat. As it’s made from coolmax material, it kept the sweat off my face and also meant that I didn’t have a big headlamp dent in my forehead!!

Another walk tomorrow planned. Gonna be a hot one me thinks! Tanty Hill, look out 😀