Exercise: 6km Run – Croydon Track (Sequences)

Thought that a bit of speed work would be good this morning, so Michelle and I arranged to meet at the track.

We both agreed once we’d done our warm up that speed work just wasn’t going to happen, so we carried on just doing laps of the track instead.

It was pleasantly cool this morning. Is this a sign that Autumn is fast approaching? I think not looking at the 7 day weather forecast 😯

I’ve found an old friend 😀

It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen her. We had some great times together, although I feel that I may have led her astray a little bit as she was only very young (16 if I remember rightly). She was very mature for her age though and had grown up with Adults rather than kids. She was even a bridesmaid at my wedding 😀

She’s now a very successful business woman. Am looking forward to catching up with her soon.

Right, must go and make myself comfortable for SYTYCD………