Exercise: 11.3km Run – Bayswater to Home (8’s Blue)

I have a new toy 😀

For my birthday I was given a Garmin 405 😀 😀

I picked it up yesterday and spent all last night reading the instructions….note to self – read them again!!

I had to pick some stuff up from work (donations for my raffle to raise funds for Oxfam), so I asked Hubby to drive with me so he could help bring them out to the car, then he could drive home and I could run home!

I felt comfortable pretty much the whole run. I did stop every 3km and have a quick stretch, but it was really brief.

My Garmin is wonderful, although at the 9km mark when I stopped for a stretch, I must have accidentally pushed a button as the screen changed from being able to view distance and pace to a lap screen. I could not get it back to the original screen so had to run the last 2.3km with it on the lap screen. Note to self….lock bezel when doing a run. Also see other note to self 😳

I have found a new running food. They are called premium protein balls (available in the supermarket) and are just divine 😀

They are like caramel balls with peanuts through them, so very chewy and sweet, and did I mention divine 😀

Am off out tonight with Michelle. She bought tickets for my birthday to see Jersey Boys. Looking forward to a night out. It’s been a while 😀

And did I mention that I’d bought some new shoes. Tony Bianco had these amazing shoes at $40. Too much of a bargain to say no 😳