Exercise: 7.5km Run – MMCT (Trigons)

Michelle and I went a bit further this morning, mainly due to Michelle’s ‘thing’ about rounding up the distance. When we got back to the cars at the end of the run, we measured it as 7.1km but Michlle asked if we could do the extra 400 metres to make it up to 7.5km 😀

I still had a bit of energy left so was happy to keep going.

It’s nice to feel a little bit of fitness coming back. It was still a slow run, but I’ll just keep going and see how long before the speed work and the increase in distance kick in to help with the speed!!

Now is everyone enjoying So You Think You Can Dance? I loved tonight’s episode, especially the guy’s routine at the end. It’s such an entertaining show. Am totally hooked and will be avidly watching every Wednesday night 😀