Exercise: 7km – MMCT (8’s)

Geez how hot was it this morning 😯

Michelle and I met up at 5.15am this morning as we wanted to do a little bit further distance. It was still 26 degrees at that time 😯

It was great to be able to run just that little bit further, but I have to admit that I was so hot and sweaty by the end that I just crumpled into a heap. Even my legs were sweating 😯

Michelle had brought her dog Steffi with her and we stopped just near the end so that she could have a cool off in the creek. I considered joining her too for a paddle 😀

I didn’t take any lunch into work today so headed down to the cafe at lunchtime to see what they had to offer.

This is what I came back with 😀

Honestly it was so big that I couldn’t eat all of it. And for $5.90, that’s what I call a bargain 😀