Exercise: 22.5km Walk – Grants to Mt Evelyn (Excursions)

Like Shells, I think this is one of my favourite sections of the trail, even though it is probably the hardest part.

I absolutely love the steep decline down the Melba Track. Not sure I’m going to feel the same way on the actual day as we’ll probably be navigating it in the dark, have already walked about 55km 😯

It was a hot day, but luckily this part of the trail is mostly shaded, so we were rarely out in the blazing sun (and it sure felt like the 37 degrees it was when we were in the sun!!).

We met at Mt Evleyn early to avoid some of heat, then headed up to Grants. There were already lots of Trailwalkers and runners around, probably because it was going to be a hot day.

Cilla had on her new Hiking Boots that she’d bought while in Europe earlier this month and Shells was sporting her sexy new Gaiters from Dirty Girl Gaiters in the US. Michelle bought me a pair for Xmas but I’ve just been too slack to put the velcro on my trainers 🙄

We had to stop just as we got out of Sherbrooke Forest as Cilla started to get a blister on her foot. Luckily some Trailwalkers who were going past had some Bandaids that they gave to Cilla.

I’ve learnt how to get up Hacketts Road without too much pain. Just put your head down, start walking, and whatever you do, don’t look up until you hit the flat section near the top 😀

Found out that the incline for Hacketts Road is 30%.

This is Cilla powering up it 😀

The last couple of km’s were a bit of a trudge as we were out in the sun and it really seemed to sap my energy. Didn’t take too long though to reach the cars, drive back up to Grants to pick up my car, and get home.

My legs felt good after my shower, and not really sore at all. I didn’t even feel the need to wear my compression pants.

We’ve decided that we need to do this section again, but this time in the dark so that we know what it will be like when doing this section on Trailwalker day 😮