Exercise: 6km Run – MMCT (Trigons)

I only realised when I got out of bed at 5am that Michelle and I could have met up a little bit later as I wasn’t going to work today, and Michelle was doing night shift tonight 🙄

A nice comfortable 6km run. We are now going to increase it by a km this week, and gradually up more so that we are running 10km. It’s been so long since I’ve done a 10km run.

Hubby and I drove up to Smith Street this morning. I almost bought another pair of Hurricanes as the 11’s are now reduced to $130, although I haven’t seen the 12’s out anywhere, so I’m not sure why the huge discount on them. I still have 2 pairs of new ones (one pair of 9’s and one pair of 10’s) in the cupboard so I just couldn’t justify another pair, even though every bone in my body wanted to buy them 😳

We then headed over to St Kilda for some lunch. It was great to sit and people watch for a while. The place certainly has changed over the years. I remember it as being a very seedy part of town, and driving around the back streets looking for all the red lights……those were the days 😀

We both just stood and stared in the windows of the cake shops along Acland Street. OMG, how fantastic did all those cakes look. Jumped back in the car and drove down Beach Road for a while. Ended up at Mordialloc where we stopped and had an ice cream near the beach.

Hands up who didn’t put sunscreen on previously unexposed cleavage today 😳