Exercise: 9.9km Run/Walk/Shuffle/Crawl – Croydon Hills (9’s)


Today’s run was a bit of an eye opener. My running fitness is a thing of the past. I just can’t believe I’ve let it slip this much. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

As you can probably tell from the last time I posted, I have done nothing for nearly 2 weeks. This lack of motivation and laziness is just doing my head in but I’m just not sure how I can get past it.

I have had so many opportunities to do exercise, yet I choose to sit on my arse playing with Facebook, or reading forums or other peoples blogs (yes I am reading everyone, just not commenting much). Even the house can attest to my laziness 😳

I’m hoping that by signing up for R4TK it might motivate me a little bit more than I have been lately. And of course today’s run has made me realise that it’s not going to be easy to get back to a level of fitness where 14.6km is just a walk in the park 🙄

On a good note (there has to be one somewhere right!!) I have been eating much better, and hold on to your seats, but I haven’t had any alcohol since New Years Eve 😯

Now if only I can marry up the better eating with some exercise, I may actually see a shift in this extra 7kg of lard I’m carrying around with me!

Back to today’s run, I stuffed around until lunch time, by which time it had warmed up. I could have gone out for my run at 8.30am when I got out of bed and may have actually had a better run because running at 12.30pm may have added to the crappiness of it all!!

Well onwards and upwards I say. I will be taking my running gear with me tomorrow and going for a nice 6km lunchtime run. To any of my friends who read this before lunchtime tomorrow and have my mobile number, can you please text me either before lunch or after lunch to kick my butt into gear, or enquire as to how my run went 😀

MOTIVATION – I can hear it coming 😀

Did you notice that I’ve pulled some new runners out of my collection. Because I’ve been so slack I haven’t updated my km usage spreadsheet for my runners so am not sure of how many km’s my current Hurricanes have done, but thought as today is the start of my new exercise regime, I’d start it off with a new pair of Hurricanes 😀

I’d like to ask a big favour to all my Australian friends and readers. I’ve been given a whole heap of “stuff” from the Buyers at work so that I can make up a couple of raffle baskets and I’d love for you all to buy a ticket or 2. Stay tuned. Will upload photos shortly (well once I buy the baskets and put all the stuff in them 😀 ). Some pretty good stuff has been donated too 😉

I’ve also been doing more baking for my Oxfam fundraising. So far I’ve raised nearly $200 just with my baking.
This is what I’m taking into work with me tomorrow.

Double Choc Chip Muffins and Banana Bread 😀