Exercise: 37.5km Walk – Woori Yallock – Warburton – Woori Yallock (Supanovas)

Another Trailwalker training walk 😀

As it was going to be warm today, we decided to make an early start and set off from Woori Yallock around 7am. It was already warm but cloudy, so was bearable.

Didn’t take long for the flies to find us though 🙄

This section of the TW route is new to me as they’ve changed it from last year. We veer off the trail onto Don Road, and then through Don Valley.

We had a quick look at the map just as we got into Don Road to get our bearings and a bloke in a 4WD stopped to see if we needed any help 😯

Then 5 minutes later he was back again (going the other way this time) and wanted to know what we were doing and where we were going 😯

After he’d driven off Shells made some mention of that movie where the backpackers got a lift in a 4WD and then went missing (can’t remember what it was called) 😯

When we started out there hadn’t been anyone around, but we got down to the end of Don Road and turned around as we heard people laughing. There were at least 2 other teams following us. Have no idea where they came from though. We think they must have parked at Launching Place and started from there.

So we walked up a few small inclines until we got to this fantastic trail called The Aquaduct Trail. It was cool and shady the whole way, which was wonderful. It came out at the back of Warburton, and we walked down a couple of back streets to get back to the Highway.

There’s just one problem. There are absolutely NO toilets between Woori Yallock and Warburton. OMG 😯

Luckily I’d gone at Woori Yallock otherwise I’d have been in trouble, especially as we had company for alot of the time we were walking along the trail.

Check out this HUGE Caterpillar that Michelle spotted. Honestly it must have been at least 10cm long.

We stopped at Warburton for some lunch and a loo break, then headed back along the Warby Trail to Woori Yallock.

It was hot. It was really hot. I sweated all my sunscreen off and I could feel my shoulders starting to burn. The water in my hydration pack had gotten warm so I wasn’t getting any kind of thirst quenching when I drank.

Luckily there is a small milk bar at Launching Place so we stopped there and grabbed a cold drink. It was so refreshing.

The last 5km was a real slog. I kept looking at the Garmin willing it to tick over faster. And when we came around that last bend and I could see the township, I just wanted to run, but my legs weren’t having any of that.

I actually felt a little bit sick when we got back to the car and had to stop at the closest shop so that I could get a Coke. Felt better as soon as I’d had a big drink 😀

When I got home I had a cold bath. The legs felt heaps better afterwards 😀

On a final note, I’d like to acknowledge my fly swatter. It did a magnificent job and stood the test of time as well 😀